Taking the
To New Heights

With the rapidly changing economic and corporate scenarios, today, the role of Chartered Accountants has gained much wider importance in the industry.

A CA’s role in today's era is not merely a number game and filing of ITR’s.It has reached new dimensions which include strategic business consultancy and financial management. Needless to say, with appropriate tax planning to help meet the twin goal of growth of the business and contribution to the state holistically.

We at SMC are here for all the right reasons. With young guns on board who have mastered the art of seamlessly transforming from the pro you need on job, to the friend and mentor you can look up to in times of business crisis, you can be assured about the quality, timeliness and the 'heart and soul' that you would like to see in the work. As we believe what's truly done with dedication and heart will benefit our client. We assure this everytime we take an assignment, as we strive to be the "value add" to your business